Welcome to life is a beech

Hello and welcome to life is a beech!

This is a blog intended as a space to pose questions, engage with others and to gain broader meaning and understanding about the big wide world. This is not intended as a personal diary, but rather an opportunity to escape to the real world and discuss what really matters.

The topics this blog will touch on includes those relating to the environment, science, nature and collectively what drives people to make such important decisions about these areas. I do not believe I have all the answers, but I do want to use this as an open space to ask questions and engage those with similar interests.

As for me, my name is Elle and I have created this blog as a project to tie together many of my personal interests. Just to give you a little context, I studied science at university and currently work in education. However, I am passionate about art and the environment and so want to use this as a platform to keep myself involved and up to date. I don’t find expressing myself through words totally natural, so please excuse any poor use of English. I will do my best to make myself clear and avoid any miscommunication.

Part of this project is to push my creativity, and so I am aiming to use all original art work and photography. This includes the main logo which I will talk about in more detail in a separate post… I will, no doubt, create posts alongside the art work but they will also go in the gallery on a separate page.

Before launching this blog, I have taken some time to think long and hard about some different topics I would like to discuss. I have a HUGE list, which I am really excited to get going with, but appreciate that I ought to pace myself. I can’t guarantee the frequency I will make posts and can already foresee that I will take time to tweak and spell-check my posts before clicking ‘publish’. But, what I can guarantee is variety and open-mindedness.

I will start to get things going in the next few days and weeks. For now, you can follow this page on Instagram by searching life_is_a_beech or clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

For any direct questions please send those to my email elleshaffee@gmail.com

Stay tuned!

Elle x

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