What’s in the name?

It seems fitting to explain some of the meaning behind the name of this blog. While you may be familiar with the expression ‘life’s a bitch’ and the negative connotations that come along with that, ‘life is a beech’ will discuss how life can be both a blessing and a curse. I would like to point out that it won’t be just humans and our needs that are discussed, but nature and environment on the whole, for which we are a part.

Imagine standing on a beach. The sand between your toes, the sun slowly rising, waves gently crashing on the shore, a distinct salty smell in the air and a cool breeze. All these small things that contribute to our experience on the beach can so easily be overlooked, and yet behind them all are deep scientific reasons that explain their existence. The millions of years of rocks cycling through formation and erosion to form the sand, enhanced by fragments of organisms both old and new. The Earth’s rotation about its axis as it orbits the Sun, bringing about a seemingly steady sunrise. Large bodies of air heating, rising, cooling, sinking, which contributes to the breeze and waves. Stopping and thinking about all these aspects of life can really give some perspective and certainly makes me feel in awe of the world around us and what a privilege it can be to exist to take it all in. In this respect, life is a beach.

Image taken in Iceland, May 2017

So why is life so relatively short? And why do some experience such suffering that is completely out of their control? In this sense, life really can be a bitch. These are the aspects of life I am curious to know more about and gain greater understanding of. This goes for all life forms, and not just humans. As my knowledge and thoughts currently stand, I very much feel humans and other species are very much in conflict with one another to the detriment of all. I am eager to look at the whole picture piece by piece to process it all. The result may be even more questions than where I’m starting, so time will tell.

Image of tree bark, July 2021

So why did I go for ‘beech’ in the name as opposed to ‘beach’? Simply, beach was taken. In a way I am glad as it forced me to look for an alternative. And I love a good play on words. I also have a real affiliation with trees and have explored them in past art projects. Being surrounded by them makes me feel really calm, in fact I would love to live in the middle of a forest. Perhaps it is an innate part of my that sees trees and instinctively knows a sense of shelter, source of water. Now, I feel a sense of serenity and security. Trees are givers of life, they sustain life, serve as a habitat and are amongst a kingdom of species able to photosynthesise, which is such a gift. Each one is unique with a pattern of bark akin to our fingerprints and is likely to outlive most other forms of life.

Lastly, the name eludes to the types of things that are going to be discussed in this blog; life. This means all life forms, why life exists, the purpose of life, the joys of life, and beyond life. Also, while the specific name ‘beach’ isn’t included, it is certainly implied and holds its own significance. The beach is the physical bridge between life on land and life in oceans. As time goes on, I’m learning more about how the two are interdependent. It is almost unavoidable now, not to at least be aware of how much harm is being caused to many life forms, especially in the oceans. So, in some way it feels my duty to at least touch on ocean life and all things beach.

I am certainly excited to really get going and explore all these thoughts whirring in my head. I encourage you to come share the journey!

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