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So, as I have mentioned previously, part of this blog project is an opportunity to push myself creatively. I would consider myself creative, although by no means enough to make a living from. Being creative is something I enjoy, but don’t always have the time to do. I also struggle to do something stand-alone. I much prefer having a project or a set outcome to achieve, within which I will explore and experiment. Enter blog…

In terms of how I’m creative, that probably started in school in art lessons. I must say, art is very underrated, especially in schools. It’s much more than being able to draw pretty pictures. It’s about experiencing different media, problem solving, self-exploration and exposing yourself to things that provoke. I took art up to A level and was tempted to take it further, but was always told it’s “nothing more than a hobby” by pretty much everyone I know; except for my art teacher of course. Unfortunately, it seems to be a hobby I rarely have time for to really get into and instead dabble here and there. The odd painting, a bit of sewing and Christmas crafts is about all I do nowadays. So, I thought it was time to give myself an ongoing project and see where it leads.

Original photograph

The main image is based on a photo I took in Iceland back in 2017. I was on holiday with my partner (now husband) and his parents who had treated us to the trip. The original photo was taken on my phone camera, as all my pictures are. We were on a beach in the south/south east of Iceland, a Glacial Lagooon at Jökulsárlón. It’s where ice from the glaciers breaks off, and slowly washes down the river, melting along the way. When they reach the beach some of the ice fragments get washed up much smaller than when they started. The result is a dark, volcanic pebbled beach with a swathe of glistening jewel-like ice forms scattered across. The contrast is stark but so mesmerising.

Step one, outline main lines

I remember being really cold when I took this photo, as I usually am. My fingers were struggling to work and it seemed a real effort to get out my phone and press a button. Yet, it made my moves more considered and the result was worth it. I had honed in on one in particular, and I loved how it looked like a sculpture. So purposeful, like it had been hand-crafted, polished and placed.

It got me thinking how privileged I was to be there and witness what was in front of me. I’ve been lucky enough to have always lived comfortably and been able to go abroad on holidays. This time was with my partner’s parents who had really welcomed me in at such an early time in our relationship and helped me feel like I fit in to more than just my own family.

Colour blocking individual areas

The sculpture also got me thinking how this snapshot moment would always be just that. If I had returned the following day, it may no longer have been there, or looked very different. Glaciers themselves are receding year on year, believed to be caused by global warming and increased greenhouse gas emissions. So in summary, my very being there could remove this spectacle for the indefinite future. How selfish. Did it occur to me before those flights were booked or when I stepped on that plane? Like most, of course it didn’t. Do I regret going? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m hoping this blog helps with some self-discovery in terms of what I truly value and if there is a balance.

Finalised main logo

So, I have just about outlined the main reasons for choosing this image as my main logo, at least for now. As you can probably tell, I have tweaked the original photo. I used an app called Paper on my iPad, which I have used once or twice before, but not for anything as detailed. The main shape is traced from the photo and I followed the main lines that stood out to me and seemed to separate main colours. I actually did a few different attempts before this one and choosing this one as my favourite. I began by colour blocking the areas but found there was too much going on for a small icon. I then colour blocked larger areas, but didn’t like the colours. I then altered the colours to brighten it up and distinguish between them better. I’m quite pleased with the result! It certainly isn’t easy to tell what it is, and I like that if you turn it upside down it looks a bit like a brain.

Hopefully, this image is the start of more to come.

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