A moment in time

It starts with a view of the planet Mercury, the smallest and closest to the Sun of our solar system. Then it pans across to Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun (our Sun). Then a bunch of planets and stars I’ve never heard of, nor can I retain their names. The scale just gets so out of comprehension. And yet it’s my favourite video on YouTube.

Many have made animations in an attempt to convey what massive structures can and do exist. A scale so intangible it is unavoidable not to be left with a red mark on your face. That red mark is a combination of bashfulness for feeling embarrassed to admit you had no idea what was out there, crossed with a raw slap of awe that leaves your jaw hanging with a sense of well, how!?

My reason for loving to watch this video, which I do every month or so, is because it makes me feel so small. In other words, it puts things into perspective; my problems are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It’s a quick splash of water on the face, it cools you down and provides focus.

What I wasn’t prepared for is for the complete opposite theory. I have recently just started a book called ‘the secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, a recommendation from an old friend. Even in just the first couple of chapters, it offers a completely different outlook. From what I have read so far, essentially you are a beacon of electromagnetic (I think that’s what it was indicating) signals drawing things into your life that you attract. What you attract is dictated by your thoughts, mostly subconscious, and those thoughts are often dictated by your feelings. If you have positive thoughts good things will happen, and the opposite is also true.

In essence, I do agree with what is being said. People who are positive are more likely going to attract good things and positivity into their environment. The advice for those who feel like bad things continue to happen to them is because they think too many negative thoughts, focus on those, and badness attracts badness. The thinking is that while you can’t control your thoughts you can control your feelings, so do things that make you feel good, subconscious thoughts will continue in the background as a consequence and more good things will happen. For example, you can put on your favourite music to lift your mood and subsequently you will have more positive thoughts. I certainly feel like good things happen for positive people who know what they want an picture it, so I can see where the theory comes from.

Where I get a bit sceptical is when it says the universe acts like a catalog, and you can order what you want and it will deliver it to you. You are a tower transmissions (electromagnetic?) signals to the universe, the universe receives and responds by giving you what you want. This is true for other organisms, but humans have the advantage of having consciousness and free will, hence being able to adapt their feelings and be more selective. While I think this is a nice thought and would be very cool if true, I’m not sure I totally agree. This incorporates those who have negative thoughts attracting bad things into their world and includes those involved in the 9/11 terrorism attack. Supposedly the victims unwillingly attracted that event into their world. We could look at the current COVID pandemic and say how can the whole of humanity invite such an indiscriminate global catastrophe. Perhaps, some would argue, we did. Those who resent humans impact on the Earth, it’s the universe trying to reduce that impact by force…

In this sense, this really flips my go-to video on the head. No longer can I watch that video purely feeling like a tiny spec. There is now an angle that I have control over all of it. How bizarre! Whatever thoughts I possess can dictate the workings of the universe. Perhaps this isn’t quite what the book intended, but it is certainly how I am interpreting it. Who knows, maybe if we stop worrying about climate change it can be reversed (obviously with some practical input).

It certainly wouldn’t have been my choice of book, and I have never read anything similar before. I do like that it’s getting me to think and would love to discover if there’s truth in it. Perhaps I’ll write another post when I’m further into the book or have finished. Maybe the secret will work out for me one day…

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