Welcome to life is a beech!

My name is Elle and this is a blog to share my ideas and thoughts about big life questions. This is not intended as a personal diary, but rather an opportunity to escape to the real world and discuss what really matters.

The topics this blog will touch on includes those relating to the environment, science, nature and what drives people to make such important decisions about these areas. I do not believe I have the answer, but want to use this as an open space to ask questions and engage those with similar interests.

As for me, I studied science at university and currently work in education. I am passionate about art and the environment and so want to use this as a platform to tie in multiple interests and keep myself involved.

Part of this project is to push my creativity, and so I am aiming to use all original art work and photography.

You can follow this page on Instagram by searching life_is_a_beech or clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

For any direct questions please send those to my email elleshaffee@gmail.com

Stay tuned!

Elle x